Trusts, Estates & Probate

At FJ, our group of experienced attorneys provide a full service approach to handle all of our clients’ trusts, estates and probate needs.

Wealth management and estate planning are important issues for all everyone to consider.  Our attorneys work with our clients to determine the best strategy and then prepare all of the necessary documents to achieve their goals.  In addition to drafting new estate plans, we also review our clients’ existing estate plans and related documents and will update or revise the same when required.

Our services do not stop once the documents are signed…our attorneys also represent our clients in connection with trust administration and/or probate.  We represent trustees, executors, personal representatives, beneficiaries and creditors throughout the administration process.

We round out our services by representing our clients in a wide array of litigation that may develop in relation to a trust, estate or estate planning documents.  Our attorneys regularly handle litigation involving will contests, caveats, exceptions to inventories and/or accountings, removal of fiduciaries, demands for accountings, pursuing or objecting to claims, terminations of trusts, invalidating trusts, compelling distributions, actions for instructions, reformation of documents and other conflicts as they arise in this area.

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